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Today, Southeast Asia evokes a mysterious travel aura: A developing world, a spicy fresh gourmet, an untouched green landscape and an exotic sojourn into the unknown. Indochina is that corner of Southeast Asia that is bursting with energy and vibrancy yet exuding such amazing contrast. In the southwest, Cambodia is a place of massive scale with the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the largest religious site in the world. Just above, in the northwest, Laos remains hidden to the world, discrete yet unbelievably pristine and paradisaical. In the East, Vietnam's infinite coast cups its beautiful waters, rolling mountains, untouched islands and historical landmarks.

We at Indochina Tourist & Trade feel privileged to be at the center of this region of natural beauty, cultural vitality and rich history. We would love offering you to feel, see, hear, and taste the best that these beautiful countries and their people have to offer.

Indochina Tourist & Trade Co., Ltd.

What we offer

Experience is vital in the world of travelling.

That is why we at IT&T are proud to have been providing unforgettable travel experiences in one of the most entrancing parts of the planet since 1994. Over the years we have learned a great deal about what it takes to please our clients.

We offer: leisure travel, active vacation, golf tour and high-end travel

We provide: wide-range accommodation reservation, licensed tour guide, qualified transportation, visa service and air ticketing

We add IT&T value to all services: flexible office hours, 24/7 in country emergency contact, fast turnaround and response times, competitive tariff rates, continuous research to improve product and quality of services and regular updates on development in the region

What we are looking for

We are looking forward to meeting with Nordic outbound travel agents and organizations, to firstly build business relationship then establish chances to organize tours to Indochina region of Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia countries.


Ms Hoang Thy Nguyen, Supplier

Assistant General Director

- Global workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018- Sat 20.1.2018- Sun 21.1.2018

Mr Hong Linh Pham, Supplier

General Director

- Global workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 18.1.2018
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