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Have you ever visited Lapland, the snowy forest and wildlife park, seen arctic animals in their authentic environmentı
The first season of Ranua Wildlife Park’s winter is darkness and, bit by bit, the sunbeams of the late winter bring their own luminous addition to the winter. During the period of darkness, the arctic wildlife park in Ranua, Lapland, is a fabulous place to stay with its high quality accomodation and safari services. Holiday Village Gulo Gulo with brand new apartments is located in the immediate vicinity of the Wildlife Park and its services.The fifteen semi-detached houses in the holiday village have 30 holiday apartments, all furnished with all modern conveniences, and can accommodate a total of 180 guests. For those who prefer to relax, our wide range of arctic services, restaurant included, ensure that your holiday is just the way you want it to be.

Arctic Fox igloos, Holiday Village Gulo Gulo, Ranua Wildlife Park, Wildlife Safaris

What we offer

Arctic Fox Igloos: 20 new glass igloos by the beautiful lake Ranuanjärvi, far from city lights. Each igloo has unobstucted view with open waters and northern horizon where northern lights usually appear. Each igloos has its own sauna.

Wildlife Safaris - All activities from arrival to departure

Holiday Village Gulo Gulo- High Quality Accomodation in wooden log houses with Finnish high design and Sauna.

Ranua Wildlife park - At the Ranua Wildlife Park you can see polar bears, as well as 50 different other arctic animal species in the midst of northern woods.

We welcome your groups to join a relaxing and ambient, Lappish arts and crafts moment with a local handicraft artist, Together with her assistance, you will have the opportunity to make a genuine reindeer leather souvenir for yourself.

What we are looking for

Agents who want to sell Lapland with high quality accomodation and winter activities. Adventure for families and and adults as well.

As a highlight meeting with polar bears and Arctic Fox glass igloo village!

No need for transfers! All activities start just outside your holiday apartment!

Agents who want to create new summer packages with Lapland destination where summer is already a high season!

Our Arctic fox igloo village is open 11 months and it offers an amazing possibility to enjoy Northern lights in late summer, in autumn and in winter. In summer you can enjoy beatiful lake view and enjoy Midnight Summer and nightless night as well!


Mr Tommi Hinno, Supplier

managing director

- Meet Finland Workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018

Ms Johanna Saarela, Supplier

Sales and operation manager

- Meet Finland Workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018
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