Cruise and ferry company

Long seafaring tradition
Every day, since the late 50s, our red vessels cast off and head
to exciting destinations around the Baltic Sea. In Helsinki,
Tallinn, Turku, Stockholm and Mariehamn, new experiences
and attractions will captivate you. Take a day trip or stay longer.
The choice is yours.
This is just the most attractive connection between Finland and Sweden
Viking Line is a cruise & ferry line operating 7 vessels in the Baltic Sea on the following routes: Helsinki - Stockholm, Turku – Stockholm, Helsinki - Tallinn and Kapellskär - Mariehamn.
Viking Line welcomes passengers from all over the world to enjoy the cruise experience on the Baltic Sea!
All ports located in the center
Excellent views and visibility of the sea and archipelago from all our ships.
Cruise the beautiful archipelagoes between Finland and Sweden combining the two Nordic capitals – Helsinki and Stockholm - in a 15 hour journey or combine the two Baltic capitals – Helsinki and Tallinn, the medieval capital of Estonia. Or why not Experience the beautiful Åland Islandsı

On board you will get to enjoy all of life’s
pleasures, such as gourmet dining, spa treatments and tax-free
shopping. Entertainment is of course plentiful as well.
Welcome on board !

Our destinations :

Finland - Helsinki. There is always something going on in the capital of Finland.
Among majestic, historical sights, Helsinki is teeming with restaurants,
cool design quarters and authentic cafés. All year round. Read more
about the city where east meets west,

Turku. The medieval town of Turku has great appeal, with its exclusive
restaurants and sights for the entire family to enjoy. And you will also get
to see the Turku archipelago, with its more than 20,000 islands. This is
the home region of Moomin.

Åland Islands
The Åland islands is the place to go for tranquility, silence and nature.
An archipelago just a few hours from the mainland of Finland and
Sweden.

Sweden .
Stockholm, the Venice of the North, is one of the world’s most beautiful
capitals. Here you will find a dynamic city with a rich cultural history and
stunning scenery. Modernity meets tranquility. Trend-setting restaurants and vibrant nightclubs next to idyllic archipelago. Welcome to a city where it is easy to breathe – and to feel your pulse.

A memorable visit to medieval Tallinn!
Travel with us from Helsinki to Tallinn year round in only 2, 5 hours. Estonia offers a stunning landscape and an abundance of outdoor activities. Your port destination, the medieval city of Tallinn, is immersed in local history and features both a vibrant restaurant scene and a world-renowned spa culture. To add to your experience, you will pass the famous naval fortress Suomenlinna on your way to Tallinn. Situated off the coast of Helsinki, it’s one of the city’s premier tourist attractions, providing you with beautiful views and a unique photographic opportunity.

Culinary journey around the world
Great food and great drinks are obvious parts of a
successful voyage. For that reason, Viking Line has
restaurants that will make your taste buds soar.
Take a culinary journey around the world or try locally
produced foods from the archipelago. On board you
will find everything from tasty tapas to tender fillets
and fresh Baltic herring.

The best entertainment on the Baltic Sea
Every day of the year almost 200 artists board our
ships, such as live bands, troubadours, magicians, local
and international stars and many more. Everyone does
their utmost to bring you the best entertainment on
the Baltic Sea.

Shop away
Our buyers travel around the world in order to find
the best deals with the world’s leading brands and designers.
So make sure you check out our large assortment
of tax-free merchandise when you’re on board.
Beverages, chocolate, jewellery and perfumes. Here
you will find it all, and get up to 40 % off compared to
prices onshore.

Viking Line Russia & CIS

What we offer

The most attractive and efficient communication between Finland and Sweden
• Central location of ports – great photo opportunities and short transfers
• Scandinavian/Finnish standard of product
• Market leader between FIN-SWE
• Good food, excellent tax free shopping, entertainment, small casino (when applicable), Spa & sauna – combined with the most beautiful archipelagoes of the world!

What we are looking for

We are open year around for all kind of travelers , wanted to explore Finland , Sweden and Estonia


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