Ferry transportation and cruises

We are the leading provider of high quality cruise and transport services in the Baltic Sea. With the most modern fleet of 16 vessels we operate on 6 routes between Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Tallinn and Riga under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line, daily and throughout the year.

We strive to deliver the best experience for those who long for a short vacation, where they can treat their loved ones and themselves to something truly special. True to our Nordic heritage, we focus on superior quality and attention to detail. Which is reflected in everything we offer.

Welcome on board!

Tallink | Silja Line

What we offer

Tallink Silja offers you fast and comfortable transportation and a real cruise experience.

We have daily departures throughout the year connecting the main capitals in the Northern Baltic sea:

* Helsinki-Stockholm and v.v.
* Helsinki-Tallinn and v.v.
* Turku-Stockholm and v.v.
* Helsinki/Turku/Tallinn/Stockholm to Åland Islands and v.v.
* Tallinn-Stockholm and v.v.
* Riga-Stockholm and v.v.

Our cruise ferries are like floating high class resorts: we offer you endless possibilities for entertainment and recreation, excellent restaurants, various night club and bars, children's playroom, spa, great shopping possibilities at tax Free prices and spacious and comfortable cabins for a good night sleep.

Tallink and Silja Line ferries are also official Sea Carries of Santa Claus and Moomin.

What we are looking for

We are looking forward to meeting with DMC, tour operators, travel agencies, online portals already selling Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic Countries or those looking for new itineraries in these countries.


Ms Nina Tähtinen, Supplier

International Sales Director

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 18.1.2018

Ms Olga Vanbergen, Supplier

Sales Manager

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 18.1.2018
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