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.AN EXTRAORDINARY SOUTH AFRICAN HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE Voted as the top 6th must do world destination by international media, the Northern Cape is a must do Southern African “Bucket List” Destination. Its vast landscapes, ancient cultural wisdom and incredible choice of experience will make it an unforgettable holiday experience. ,offers life changing experiences, vast landscapes, ancient cultural wisdom, As the destination marketing company allow us to tailor make unique life changing itineraries for guided and self- drive tours tailor to captivate your clients. The Northern Cape offers REAL CULTURE - REAL PEOPLE -REAL EXPERIENCES

Northern Cape Tourism Authority

What we offer

Expert advice and assistance on Northern Cape Itineraries and add on tours to Cape Town, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.
Destination Marketing Organisation ready to partner with incoming tour operators wanting to include the world's top must do destination to their southern Africa tour itineraries including the famed flowers of Namakwa and cultural tours to the ancient tribes of the Bushmen and Nama

What we are looking for

Incoming tour operators and wholesalers wanting to add a new and exciting southern African destination to their portfolio and offer live changing experiences to their clients.


Ms Dianna Martin, Supplier

General Manager Marketing and Promotions

- Global workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018- Sat 20.1.2018- Sun 21.1.2018
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