Authenticity combined with superb service for the customer who is looking for a trip off the beaten track, in a yet undiscovered destination in Lapland. Welcome to us!

We at Arctic Land Lodging (aka. Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat) offer high-quality accommodations designed with the guest in mind. Our log-built chalets are perfectly situated in the heart of the village of Kilpisjärvi in Lapland, yet just steps away from the surrounding pristine wilderness which is a haven for nature lovers all year round.

At Arctic Land Adventure, the sister company of Arctic Land Lodging, we will acquaint the guests with our reindeer, those mythical and beautiful native animals of Lapland. We will chase Aurora Borealis, nature's spectacular light show with them. We will journey out to the endless tundra with them and introduce them to the age-old traditions of the Sámi people. And if the guests are looking for family fun in the snow, there's no better place for it than Peera Reindeer Ranch.

Arctic Land Lodging and Arctic Land Adventure

What we offer

Arctic Land Lodging offers accommodations in 6 high-quality tastefully furnished chalets, in the village of Kilpisjärvi. The chalets are perfect for couples, families and small groups. Breakfast and dinner can be catered to the chalets or served in a cozy Finnish wooden hut around open fire. The food & beverage service is provided by our in-house Arctic Land Dining.

Arctic Land Adventure offers year round exotic outdoor activities for individuals and groups at an authentic Sámi reindeer farm, the Peera Reindeer Ranch.

We are your "one-stop" shop for a successful tour itinerary in Lapland's most fascinating nature destination, Kilpisjärvi.

What we are looking for

We are looking for tour operators and travel agents who specialize in FIT and small group travel in exclusive destinations which combine nature experiences with high-quality living.


Ms Sinikka Niskanen, Supplier

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- Meet Finland Workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018

Ms Mia Aitalaakso, Supplier


- Meet Finland Workshop

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- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018
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