Tourist Office

Israel Government Tourist Office in the Nordic Countries offers a full range of services to both the public and the trade. Everything from general information, marketing support to maintaing our social media platforms.

Stockholm, Sweden
Tourist Office
General information service to the public. Marketing support and advisory to the trade.

Israel Government Tourist Office

What we offer

Israel is a modern country that combines a rich, illustrious history with a tourism infrastructure that caters to every vacation taste. Glorious beaches. Bustling cities. Nature reserves. Health spas. Religious shrines. Shopping malls. Markets. Artists' colonies. Concerts in parks. Israel is very accessible.

We help you as a Tour Operator to set up the destination within your portfolio. We offer FAM trips, marketing support and general advice how to develop the destination to your clients.

What we are looking for

We are looking for Tour Operators who are interested in a new destination presented in a modern way.

We are also looking for media cooperation with media houses, it could be print, TV, bloggers, radio etc.


Mr Göran Nilervall, Supplier

Marketing Manager

- Global workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 18.1.2018- Fri 19.1.2018- Sat 20.1.2018- Sun 21.1.2018
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